28th March 2024

Spotlight | The glorious glow worm

Normally when I write these, I stumble upon something intriguing, take some pictures, go researching and write something up. It’s not much, but it’s honest work.

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25th February 2024

Spotlight | Bryophytes and the Boundary Layer

In this species spotlight I will not be focusing on just one species, rather touching on an entire family of nonvascular land plants, the bryophytes.

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21st December 2023

Spotlight | It’s winter again

It’s a bit of a blessing having a maritime climate (especially this far inland), the chilly season is upon us, but compared to other countries on our latitude we can be more than just a few degrees warmer than some of our neighbours.

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25th August 2023

Spotlight | Macroplis europea, the yellow loosestrife bee

Throughout July and August our wetland flora really comes to life and the reed beds become an extravaganza of colours. The summer flowering provides an array of whites, pinks, oranges, reds, purples, blues all against a backdrop of lush, mottled greens.

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25th July 2023

Spotlight | The sleeping habits of solitary bees

I always find it a delight to see bees sleeping in flowers, and the reason behind this behaviour is so interesting.

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