The Anne Carpmael Charitable Trust

(The ACCT)

Charitable Trust No. 1102152

ACCT Objectives

The Anne Carpmael Charitable Trust (ACCT) owns the Withymead Nature Reserve which occupies 13 acres of river frontage between Goring-on-Thames and South Stoke, and Little Meadow, a 2-acre wild-flower water meadow, nearby to the south of Goring-on-Thames.

Established in 2003, and with a resident warden, the objectives of the ACCT are:

  • To promote, protect and preserve wildlife on the Reserve and within a ten miles radius of Goring.
  • To open its grounds to schools, conservation and research organisations, and other groups and individuals, so that students and other interested parties can enjoy and study the flora and fauna within a haven of natural tranquillity.

ACCT Trustees' Vision (May 2016)

  1. Conservation: Establish and maintain Withymead as a haven of natural tranquillity and a premier nature reserve in the Goring area, while upholding the vision and values of Anne Carpmael
  2. Conservation: Manage Little Meadow for biodiversity without compromising access or other users
  3. Conservation: Establish communication with neighbours and relevant landowners for sharing information, receiving and offering advice
  4. Education: Deploy Withymead effectively as an active site for education and lifelong learning in topics related to the environment and conservation
  5. Financial: To strengthen the financial position of the ACCT to facilitate the trusts aims
  6. Compliance with Charity Commission, legal and regulatory requirements

ACCT Trustees

For a list of the ACCT trustees see the Charity Commission website

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